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Jag x Emma
Whelped October 6, 2013
Futurity nominated 2014

A designed beauty of synergy is that it serves only to add, never subtract.
~Barb Rententbach


The puppies are here! Six puppies were born on Sunday, October 6, 2013 - four female, and two male.

We are currently accepting show, performance, and companion inquiries for these puppies.

Pictured at 9 weeks

Chunker (White Girl)
White GirlWhite Girl

Timmy (Yellow Boy)
Yellow BoyYellow Boy

Elsie (Pink Girl)
Pink GirlPink Girl

Pepper (Fawn Girl)
Fawn GirlFawn Girl

Flashdance (Green Girl)
Green GirlGreen Girl

Sammy (Orange Boy)
Orange BoyOrange Boy

Watch us grow!

4 days
6 Weeks
8 Weeks
9 Weeks

We debated for a while about breeding Gloria, and about whether we wanted to continue with a UK line, or whether we wanted to work on blending the UK line with our NA lines. We decided that since Gloria has just about everything we wanted from first full-UK litter, we'd see how she produces with the NA lines. We considered a number of dogs, and ended up with our Hunter (Ch. CR-Newcastle's Bird In The Hand). As an added bonus to us as stud dog owners, we have the chance to see how Hunter produces with a complete outcross. (He has produced two champions to date with two more on the way, from two litters, but both were linebreedings.)

Hunter and Gloria have both had Dopplers, multiple Holters, and cardiologist auscultation and evaluation. Hunter has been DNA tested for DM and ARVC-1; Gloria's status is known based on her parents'. (For more information on the DNA test for DM and what the results mean, please visit our DM page. For notes on the ARVC-1 test, please visit our ARVC page.)

Be sure to check our blog for updates and information on this litter.


Ch. CR-Newcastle's Bird In The Hand Ch. Weston's Cry For Freedom, SOM Ch. Cameliard's Shadow Walker Cameliard's Crimson Knight
Starjax Shameless of Cameliard
Cameliard's Satin N' Lace Cameliard's Jack of Diamonds
Chancy's Sassy Girl
CR's One Hot MaMa Am/Can Ch. BJay's Traveling Man, SOM Ch. Bayview Strides Ahead, SOM, SOM, LOM
Ch. Skidoo's Special Blend of Cabernet
Sierra's Enchanted Dream Ch. New Dawn's Hercule Poirot, CD
Bayview California Dreamin
Newcastle's Phoenix Song at Shaeward Ch. Faerdorn Dust Buster (Imp UK UK Ch. Winuwuk Lust In The Dust UK IR Ch. Blueprint Beern Skittles At Walkon
UK Roamaro Scotch Mist of Winuwuk
Shiloh Time After Time At Cascorike UK Ch. Faerdorn Finneas Fogg
Cascorike Peppermint at Shiloh
Shaeward's Jolly Holiday At Newcastle Faerdorn Rock DJ, CGC (Imp UK) UK Ch. Showbiz For Faerdorn
Faerdorn Faith
Riccibet Game Time (Imp UK) UK Ch. Tartarian Gold Dust
Belucia Babe At Riccibet

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