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Whelped 12-10-2008
Ch. Weston's Cry for Freedom, SOM x CR One Hot Mama

Better one byrde in hand than ten in the wood.
~John Heywood, Dialogue on Wit and Folly, c. 1530

After losing both Hugo and Linus within a few weeks of each other, we were without a male Boxer in our home for quite some time, and sorely missing it! We had a houseguest for the summer, Cole, but he was always meant to be a temporary resident and soon enough was needed at his new home. We had long planned on keeping a male puppy from Emma's or Evie's first litters (or both!) but a series of missed breedings had us feeling pessimistic about the whole thing. At about the time that we'd found out that Evie's breeding didn't take, and we weren't yet sure if Emma's breeding did, Rick and Cindy Walunas at CR Boxers offered us a male puppy from their Abe-Lily litter.

After some discussion and reflection, we decided to accept their generous offer, figuring that we'd be foolish not to take an exceptional puppy that we knew was available, and instead wait perhaps another two years before we had one from our own breeding to keep. Hunter has fit into our home with ease and has that typical "Abey-baby" temperament that we so love! We're very excited to see how he matures - Hunter is from a repeat breeding of Ch. CR Belle of the Ball, who won her class at the ABC National her first time in the ring (at six months, four days old) and finished her Championship with two Specialty majors just out of the 12-18 class. Hunter didn't have quite the career his big sister did, but he finished at 21 months with a Specialty major win and several major/Specialty Reserve wins!

Of course Hunter's registered name pretty much chose itself - a "Bird in the Hand" decision if ever there was one! We have had some questions about the name, as some have interpreted it to imply we were "settling". Nothing could be further from the truth! If we hadn't thought Hunter was an outstanding puppy, it would have been easy to wait for one of our own. We do have a sort of history of "tongue-in-cheek" names; after all, Hugo was named "Coals to Newcastle", a phrase which describes something that is completely unnecessary (and obviously, we didn't acutally feel that way about Hugo!). Hunter's call name goes back to some of the suspected origins of the phrase, as a caution both to those who hunted for birds and those who hunted with them.

Hunter is co-owned with Cindy Walunas and Ginger Johnson.

Hunter's Win Pictures
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Butler County Kennel Club
September 24, 2011
Winners Dog, Best of Winners
3-point major
**New Champion**
Judge Ms. Angela J. Porpora
Miami Valley Boxer Club
June 30, 2011
Winners Dog
3-point major
Judge Mr. Brian Meyer
American Boxer CLubAmerican Boxer Club National Specialty
May 12, 2011
Third, Open Brindle Dogs
Judge Mrs. Shirley Bell
Livonia Kennel Club
January 20, 2011
Winners Dog
1 point
Judge Dr. Alvin Krause
Richland County Kennel Club
December 18, 2010
Winners Dog
1 point
Judge Mr. Hal T. Bierman
Medina Kennel Club
December 17, 2010
Winners Dog, Best of Winners
1 point
Judge Mrs. Jean Fournier
Lorain County Kennel ClubLorain County Kennel Club
December 16, 2010
Winners Dog, Best of Winners
1 point
Judge Mrs. Bonnie Linnell Clarke
Agathon Kennel Club
November 28, 2010
Winners Dog, Best of Winners
1 point
Judge Mr. Donavon Thompson
Boxer Club of Western New York
November 20, 2010
Reserve Winners Dog
(To a 4-point major)
Judge Mrs. Joan Johnson
Kalamazoo Kennel ClubKalamazoo Kennel Club
November 13, 2010
Winners Dog
2 points
Judge Mr. Norman B. Kenney
Jaxon Kennel ClubJaxon Kennel Club
September 4, 2010
Winners Dog, Best of Winners
1 point
Judge Dr. Mary Helene (Mimi) Brown
American Boxer ClubAmerican Boxer Club National Specialty
May 12, 2010
Third, Open Brindle Dogs (Class of 14)
Judge Mr. Jack Ireland
American Boxer Club FuturityAmerican Boxer Club Futurity
May 11, 2010
Fourth, 15-18 Month Brindle Dogs
Judge Mr. Clifford Steele
Fort St. Clair Kennel Club
May 1, 2010
Winners Dog
1 point
Judge Ms. V. M. Jordan
Georgia Boxer ClubGeorgia Boxer Club
September 17, 2009
Best Junior Dog
Judge Mr. Jason Starr
Muncie KCMuncie Kennel Club
August 15, 2009
Best Puppy in Breed
Judge Mr. Robert Moore
Mahonig-Shenango KCMahonig-Shenango Kennel Club
August 2, 2009
Reserve Winners Dog
(From the 6-9 Puppy class)
Judge Mr. Everett Dean

Hunter - 16 weeks
16 weeks

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