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It is the customary fate of new truths to begin as heresies and to end as superstitions.
~Thomas Henry Huxley

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Domain Names & Hosting
There are hundreds of hosting and domain name registration sites; below is a very small sampling, the companies I use/have used, and with which I have not had major problems.
Network Solutions
No Monthly Fees
Total Choice Hosting

Boxer-Specific Sites
American Boxer Charitable Foundation
American Boxer Rescue Association
The Boxer Ring Magazine
Boxer Underground E-Zine
Worldwide Boxer

Boxer Club Sites
Michigan Boxer Club
American Boxer Club
US Boxer Clubs (ABC List)
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Our List of Clubs

Boxer Breed Standards
American Kennel Club
American Boxer Club Illustrated Standard
Boxer Club of Canada
FCI (Germany et al)
Worldwide Boxer Pictorial Guide
Worldwide Boxer List of World Standards
BoxerWorld List of World Standards
A Comparison of the Worldwide Standards

Boxer Breeder Listings
A caveat - these listings include breeders of all calibers. It is up to the buyer to determine whether they are dealing with a responsible breeder. We have written some essays to help you make that determination:
Questions to Ask Breeders
Interpreting Breeders' Website Claims

American Boxer Club
Alphabetical List (Har-vel Boxers)
State/Regional List (Maya Boxers)

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Breeder Base
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Puppy Sites
Quality Dogs

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American Kennel Club
AKC Online Store (Pedigrees, Title Progression)
Jack Bradshaw Dog Shows
Infodog (MB-F)
Roy Jones Dog Shows
Jack Onofrio Dog Shows
Jim Rau Dog Shows
AKC Superintendent Listing
Show Dog Super Site

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Dog Owners' Guide
The Dog Scene
Greyhound Manor Crafts
The Schnauzer Breeder from Hell Articles
Sirius Dogs
The Pet Care Forum
Veterinary Information Network Veterinary Hospital Forum
Michigan Dog Laws

Genetics Sites
Animal Genetics
Boxer Coat Colors and Markings (Pictures)
Boxer Coat Color and Marking Pattern Inheritance
Canine Coat Color Genetics
Canine Diversity Project
Canine Genetics Links
Canine Genetic Primer
Coat Color Inheritance and Appearance
White Marking Patterns of Boxers

Breeding Sites
Breeders' Resource Center
Breeding Articles - Dr. Carmen Battaglia
Early Stages of Canine Development
Getting What You Want From Your Breeding Program
Learn to Breed

Contracts and Contract Language
Sample Contracts
Stud Service Contract
Stud Service Contract

Why Not To Breed Sites
Does Your Stud Dog Have What it Takes?
The Reality of Breeding Dogs
Top Six Reasons People Give to Breed
Thoughts on Responsible Breeding

Alternative Medicine/Rearing
Natural Rearing (Marina Zacharias)
Homeopathic Online Education
Pet Education Articles

Health Information Sites
ABC Health Articles
AKC Canine Health Foundation
American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)
American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)
Bloat Study - Purdue University (archive.org pages)
Canine Cardiology Concepts
Canine Health Information Center
Canine Thyroid Information & Registry (MSU)
Cardiology Q&A
Cardiologist Listing By State
Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine
Genetic Diseases in Boxers (ABC)
Recommended Health Screening for Boxers in Breeding Programs (ABC)
Holter Monitor HookUp (Alba)
Holter Monitor HookUp (5-Lead, PRO Boxers)
Holter Monitor HookUp (WSU)
Holter Monitor Rental (Alba Medical)
Holter Monitor Rental (Washington State University - Dr. Kathryn Meurs)
Institute for Genetic Disease Control
Interpreting Thyroid Test Results
Mar Vista Animal Medical Center
Merck Veterinary Manual Online
MSU Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory
OFA Article on Hypothyroidism
Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA)
Veterinary Heart Institute
Veterinary Information for Dog Owners
VetGen (Genetic Databases)

Vaccination Protocols
AAHA Guidelines
AVMA Vaccination Policy
Dr. Jean Dodd's Mimimal Vaccination Protocol
New Principles of Immunology - Canine
New Vaccination Protocols
Colorado State University
Texas A&M
U-Pennsylvania (Page 16)
Washington State

Vaccination Issues & Considerations
American Animal Hospital Association
AVMA Vaccination Policy
Articles on Vaccinosis
Caberfeidh Scottish Deerhounds Articles
Considerations in Designing Safe and Effective Vaccination Protocols for Dogs
Critter Advocacy Center
Hayward Study on Vaccination
Shirley's Wellness Cafe
Vaccination Considerations
Vancouver Animal Wellness Hospital

Nutrition & Raw Diets
The BARF Diet
Dr. Billinghurst
Natural Diet - Don't "Just Do It"
Newcastle Boxers' Raw Diet
Raw Boxers
Raw "How-To" (in pictures)
Raw Meaty Bones (Dr. Lonsdale)
Raw Learning
Switching to Raw
Top 50 BARF FAQs

Prepared Raw Foods
Aunt Jeni's Homemade for Life
Bravo Raw Diet
Dr. Billinghurst's BARF Diet
Granddad's Pet Foods
Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow
Mountain Dog Food (Canada)
NuDimensions Nutrition
Oma's Pride
A Place for Paws
Steve's Real Food for Dogs
Urban Carnivore (Canada)

AAFCO Definitions
Comparison - Premium Food
Comparison - Store Brands
Dog Food Analysis
Interpreting Labels
Pentobarbitol in Dog Food
Reading Pet Food Labels
Whole Dog Journal (Top Foods Lists)

Behavior & Training
Individual Trainers
Sue Ailsby
Melissa Alexander
Bill & Marian Bailey
Corrally Burmaster
Shirley Chong
Suzanne Clothier
Debi Davis
Jean Donaldson
Ian Dunbar
Helix Fairweather
Lana Horton
Trish King
Kay Laurence
Patricia McConnell
Pat Miller
September Morn
Karen Pryor
Gary Wilkes
Sophia Yin

American Temperament Test Society
Association of Professional Dog Trainers
Delta Society
National Association of Obedience Instructors
Therapy Dogs International

Articles and Resources
Clicker Solutions
Dr. P's Dog Training Library
Pawsitive Solutions

Message Boards & Mailing Lists
Message Boards
Boxer Crazy
Boxers Rule
Boxer Talk

Boxer Specific Mailing Lists
Agility Boxers
American Boxer Rescue Assocation List
Boxer Mailing List
Boxer Rescue List
The Natural Boxer
Obed-Comp Boxer
Show Boxer Forum
Show Boxer List

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Dog Read
Dog Health
K9 Nutrition
Show Dogs

Dog Book Sellers
Sit Stay Go Out Store

Used Books

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Drs. Foster & Smith
In The Company of Dogs
J.B. Wholesale
Jeffers Pet Supply
KV Vet Supply
Pet Edge (Formerly New England Serum Company)
Omaha Vaccine

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